Strangers’ Reunion

Vesak Day– I finally had the chance to meet Cindy after months. She finished her papers a week ago and is now as free as a bird, which explains her immediate consent in spending time with me. As I was craving for SPAM fries that day, I went online to do some research, and discovered that Strangers’ Reunion serves it in the menu. Excitedly, we went to Kampong Bahru to check this cafe out.

Not surpising, the cafe was jam packed. Tables were filled with groups of friends, families and couples. We were contemplating on whether we should wait, but the friendly waiter informed us that there were actually empty tables inside. Lucky us, we did not have to wait at all.

The cafe was experiencing some electricity issues and for the first half of our meal, there was neither air-conditioning, nor lights. Besides that, they were also unable to serve any main dish for some reasons which I did not catch. A tiny bit disappointed that I could not try their mains, but in the end we proceeded to order light bites, waffle and drinks.

SPAM Fries ($10.9) Regretably, the SPAM Fries did not live up to my expectation. It lacked the crispiness and saltiness that SPAM Fries should have. Furthermore, the key lime sauce somehow did not pair well with the SPAM Fries. We could not finish the plate, but it was worth a shot. I guess this type of SPAM Fries will suit those who prefer their SPAM Fries not oily or salty.

IMG_1394Chicken Tender ($15.9) This dish was excellent, although a little pricey. The chicken was tender, crispy and the papaya(?) salad goes perfectly well with it. Totally worth the money and calories.

IMG_1389Buttermilk Waffle with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream ($12) A must try in Strangers’ Reunion. The buttermilk waffle was crispy and paired well with the vanilla ice cream. I also love the fact that this waffle is so photogenic.

IMG_1397Magic ($5.5) It was written in the menu that this coffee is the epitome of the perfect ratio of milk and coffee. It was indeed smooth and taste excellent because the milk did not overpower the coffee. Plus, the sourness and bitterness at the end made the difference. The latte art was also very pretty although I would love to have something more than the usual hearts.

IMG_1376IMG_1385The bill came out as $55 for two pax. A tad pricey but we were contented, although I am still disappointed that we did not get to try the main dishes. Definitely will drop by again to try their mains and hopefully by then they would have up-ed their SPAM Fries game.

Strangers’ Reunion Address : 35 Kampong Bahru Rd, 169356 Nearest MRT Station : Outram Park Opening Hours : -Monday, Wednesday, Thursday : 9am – 10pm -Friday, Saturday, Sunday  9am – 12am -Closed Tuesday


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