Patong Beach

On our first day in Phuket, Thailand, we established that we were going to unwind from all routines and did nothing at the beach. Henceforth, after a sumptuous lunch, we headed off to Patong Beach, which was a short 5-10 minutes walk away from The Viridian Resort.



Patong beach was sequestered into two sections – water sport activities and swimming. Designated areas have to be avoided for parasail landing and we had to walk across that stretch from the other side.


Mattresses and beach umbrellas were not free for use. I could not remember the exact price, but they offer a flat rate everywhere – we actually walked the whole stretch to ask and bargain, but all gave us a standard price. Still, there is no harm in haggling, so make sure to do so before agreeing to the price. I would recommend you rent the mattress along the swimming zone, so that you do not have to walk a distance to go inside the water, and at the same time, keep a lookout of your belongings.


No locker was available at Patong Beach. Therefore, if you intend to go for a dip in the sea, leave all your important belongings (jewellery, documents, gadgets, credit cards) in your hotel room, and bring only a towel, a set of fresh clothes, a pair of sunglasses, your phone and perhaps a waterproof camera (or a waterproof bag for your phone). If you do not mind walking back to the hotel slightly wet, do so as you will be asked to pay for the wash room.


Several water activities at Patong Beach include: Jet Ski, Parasail, and Banana Boat. I am not too sure if they have other activities, but these are the ones I saw during my visit. If you did not to pay for the activities, follow my footsteps and chill by the sea. Let your hair down and enjoy the sun, the sea and the sandy beach. It will be highly rewarding especially after the hectic routines. Grab a book, order a drink, and lie under the sun. That’s what #islandlife is all about.


Drinks like cold beer, coconut, soft drinks, can be purchased from the sellers. Sit back, and they will approach you to ask if you want to have anything. Although they may be pricier than mini marts, all drinks are ice cold. All the sellers buzzing around was one uncomfortable experience at Patong Beach. I tried to understand that they were making a living for their families, but having so many people asking me if I want to buy / do something when I was trying to relax was not very nice. In the end, I avoided them by pretending to be asleep. You can also wear you darkest pair of sunglasses, so they will not know whether you are awake.


After chilling on the beach for slightly more than an hour, we went into the sea. I love the sea, because it was a gigantic wave pool, with crisp water, which was perfect on a hot day. Brave souls can venture into deeper water and ride the big waves, but for the not so confident me, I stayed near the shore and enjoyed the smaller waves. Either way, it will be a great experience.


All in all, Patong Beach left me with a pleasant memory of blue sky, clear sea, and sandy beach, as well sun-kissed skin. Despite feeling rejuvenated after doing nothing for an hour, I probably have to bring along a book, beach ball, or sand-castle tool, as I can’t master the art of doing nothing.



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