Phi Phi Island Tour

‘d rPhi Phi Island Tour was the final item in our itinerary which commenced on the day of our flight back to Singapore. I do not remember the minute details of the tour, but I believe the stops include Phi Phi Island and Maya Bay on top of a number of other islands.

Boat to Phi Phi left the jetty around 9 in the morning and breakfast was included in the tour. A little tip for those adventurous souls who crave adrenaline rush: sit on the anterior of the boat or the alfresco section. Sit back and hold very tight. You are welcome!



Much to our dismay, due to the constant showers which caused raging waves in the sea, our trip to Maya Bay was cancelled. A number of passengers aboard the boat expressed their disappointments at the captain, but what to do, we’d rather be safe than get stuck on an island. Nonetheless, we got to snorkel and relaxed on the pretty beaches, albeit without a clear blue sky.


Another thing to take note of is not to bring too many things on board. I would suggest a phone, a waterproof camera, a towel and some money. All these should be enough to bring you throughout the journey, as well as save you the hassle of having to leave your belongings in the boat.

There was no shower at the jetty, hence a towel is a must-have to dry yourself after the journey. Because we were going to the airport directly from the jetty, we had to wipe ourselves in a random public toilet.




It was my first time snorkelling and I thoroughly enjoyed swimming with the fishes. I thought I would be scared, but hey I was fine and could not wait for the next opportunity to dive into the emerald sea. I only wished they let us snorkelled more.






Despite the murky water and cloudy sky, it was a great trip and an excellent way to end our trip. Phuket was so amazing and I am already dreaming of the next beach getaway.




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