Double Six Beach

A couple of friends and I decided to head out to the famous La Plancha Beach Bar for drinks and sunset viewing on our first day in Bali. As much as we preferred Grab to cab as our mode of transport in Bali, no Grab driver was available. Not wanting to pay for cab, we attempted to walk to Seminyak from Gusto Ice Cream Bar – totally insane idea because the afternoon sun was scorching and Google Maps showed us that Seminyak was REALLY far away. When a friend gave up just a few hundred metres out, we hailed a Blue Bird cab that would bring us … not to La Plancha.

Here goes the story. As our cab arrived at a cramped alley, the driver insisted that we have arrived at our destination. He said, “Deket kok, tinggal jalan lurus aja sampe,” and further suggested that he could not (read: refused to) turn in. Google Maps was not showing us that we were anywhere near La Plancha and we were unconvinced that it would be a short walk from this foreign place. Yet, he reiterated that we got off his cab immediately. There was nothing we could do but pay the fare and get our butts out.

Then we heard the waves and saw the beach.


Naturally, this wondrous sight of sea, sand and sky convinced me to forgo the search of La Plancha. It was so, so gorgeous and not littered by humans. We were not expecting the beach to be that quiet considering that it was around Seminyak area. But, what truly made us stayed was THESE.



Seriously though, I can never say no to beds, especially if they are beautifully placed by the sea or a pool, making them sunbeds. Yes, bean bags at La Plancha are colourful and gorgeous, but how can bean bags beat sunbeds in terms of comfort? Anyhoo, look at what they have there too.


COLOURFUL BEAN BAGS! Double win! I could take hundreds of photos for my Instagram and still lie on the serene sun beds. Bean bags are honestly not the most comfortable thing in the world so I made that Double Six beach would be a chill place to spend the afternoon watching sunset.


Also, the curious us went to search for where exactly this La Plancha place was. Turned out it was really down the road, sharing the same beach as the one we were at. Still, it was a good 10 minutes walk away and we decided to just rent the sunbeds. I believe that each bed costed us around 5SGD, but I could be wrong.


After gazillion pictures and a short nap, we woke up for sunset.


It was one of the best sunset spots in Bali and I would recommend Double Six beach to prefer a good chill place than a loud overpriced beach bar.

Double Six Beach
Jl. Double Six, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali, Indonesia


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